It’s Challenging

I haven’t been the most adamant in putting my stuff up for sale on Etsy. So sue me. Life happens and I plan on enjoying it as much as I can. But, the reason I’m writing this post today is that I’m curious as to why my stuff isn’t catching anyone’s eye. I work really hard on my pieces and make sure the listing is perfect, yet no one buys my items. I don’t get it.

I’m not the richest girl in the world, so free advertising is all I can work with right now. I use whatever outlets I can to get my stuff noticed. I don’t charge very much for my items because I know budgets are tight. I even offer coupon codes to save some coin. I’ll get a like now and then or a few page visits every other day, but for the most part, it’s like a ghost shop.

I just feel like if more people support my shop, then I’ll continue to make great things. But really, who am I working for if no one looks at my pieces? I know 20 cents a listing doesn’t sound like much, but after you add in all the other fees, this business is costing me a pretty penny. Pennies that I don’t really have.

So, my wish for now is that more people check out my shop, like my items, and please, make a purchase. And if you don’t want to buy my stuff for whatever reason, at least share it on your social media outlets. Pinterest is great for that!

Thank you and hopefully Little Lamzie will be able to celebrate a 2nd anniversary.

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