Lost in the Etsy Jungle

Is it just me or does Etsy seem overcrowded now? I’ll say it: Etsy is so overcrowded with a lot of duplicate, unoriginal items. I can’t tell you how many listings I see where people just re-list Charming Charlie or Torrid jewelry. It really ticks me off because people like me work hard to create one of a kind pieces. Maybe we charge a little more, but at least the items were made with our own two hands and crafted with TLC. These other unoriginal sellers are able to list things so cheaply because they’re either from China or they themselves got it cheaply and just want to make a few extra bucks. Artists such as myself are trying to make a living on Etsy. It’s not right that we have to compete with this.

Honestly, when I see a truly original listing, my eyes bug out and I say to myself, “Holy cow!” Things are getting so bad on Etsy, that if you type in a keyword, majority of the listings will come back with the same component in the picture. It’s really sad. All those different sellers and they mysteriously have the same item. Hmm….

I’m proud of my items. Maybe they don’t fly off the shelves like Furby did back in ‘97, but I at least have a back story to each of my items. I can tell you where I got the beads, why I made it, what music I was listening to when I assembled it, etc. I take the time and carefully put together what I think is a rockin’ piece of jewelry. I want my stuff, when worn by amazing women, to grab people’s attention. I want double-takes and phrases like “Girl, where’d you get those?” to be said. My stuff isn’t just more jewelry like you’d by on sale at Kohl’s or Target. My pieces are unique, hand-crafted, one of a kind, and definitely made with love.

So please, let me know you like my by purchasing a pair or two. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my jewelry is out there in the world.

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