Established March 2011

I first became interested in vintage bottle caps years ago. I purchased a handful because I thought they were cool, but I didn’t plan on doing anything with them. I’m a graphic designer, so of course I loved the old logos on these caps.

Fast forward a few years and I’m attending my very first bead show. I wasn’t sure what to buy. In fact, the whole event was overwhelming, but I came away from it with so many ideas. I went home and decided I could make my own jewelry and sell it on Etsy. Making jewelry takes my mind off things. It relaxes me and makes me feel full of potential.

I’m proud of my items. I can say where I got the beads, why I made the piece, what music I was listening to when it was assembled, etc. I take the time and carefully put together rockin’ pieces of jewelry. I want my items, when worn by amazing women, to grab people’s attention. I want double-takes and phrases like “Girl, where’d you get those?” to be said. My pieces are not just more jewelry like you’d buy on sale at Kohl’s or Target. My pieces are unique, hand-crafted, one of a kind, and definitely made with love.

(Where the name comes from: I wanted to honor my grandma in some way, so I chose a line from her favorite song, “Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey. A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?”)

A little about me…I’m a twenty-something graphic & web designer. I’ve lived in St. Louis, MO since forever. I enjoy spending time with my lovely husband, playing with my pets, watching Blues games and perusing the internet for the next great viral video. (I’m a sucker for screaming goat videos!)


That’s me!

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